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This project which is Enhancing Groundnuts Value Chain Information Management Using The Surface Model For Improved Stakeholder Decision Making has gone a ahead to develop a number of ICT tools that are to be used to fulfil the name “..information management..”. These ICT tools include a web portal, a mobile application and its associated dashboard. All this as embedded in the projects name is to improve stakeholder decision making. Its one thing to develop a system and another for the system to be be use for what it is intended for thus the need to get all the stakeholders familiarize with the system. its for the reason that the project team in the last couple of months organized and conducted a number of trainings on the ICT tools in a number of districts even amidst the pandemic. This included farmer training in Apac district in April, Kole, in May, and in Oyam district in June. The team further carried out a refresher training for the system admins and trainers in a practical zoom session. With this the people trained were equipped with skills that enable them navigate and manipulate the system ably for proper stakeholder decision making.The Naro groundnut platform is designed to provide product quality management through information management, Groundnut grower registration and certification, Access to service providers, Addressing issues of market linkages between groundnut growers and buyers, Providing mechanisms of pest and disease outbreak surveillance through the query functionality. Download the app to access all these services.


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