Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE)

The Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFFE) was formed as a result of farmers’ plight of forming a one voicing entity that will in turn would represent them at National level. These came from all over the country with a goal to form an Association that represents their woes. With the support of the Danish Government, the central government through the advice and leadership of H.E the President, in January 1992, a National Farmers’ Association was formed. However as time went on, many Non-farmer but Agriculture related membership entities and organisations showed interest to join the Association and this is what brought about the change of the name from a Farmers’ Association to a farmers Federation ten (10) years later.

NFFE is fully registered as a National Non-Government Organisation representing farmers and Agribusiness related entities registered under it all through the Agriculture value chain. It recognized by the government of Uganda and the donor community as the Apex body representing the farming community on nearly all agriculture working committees and Non-state actor’s platform nationally and internationally including among others EAFFE, ESAFF, World farmers Organisation and Associations