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Farmer Exchange Visits

Farmer Exchange Visits 2021

Framer Exchange Visits were organised by the National Groundnut Improvement Project in Nakabango Technology Verification Center (TVC) in Jinja at the District Farm Institute and below are key achievements registered;
1) Participants were able to identify the different groundnut varieties that were in the field.
2) Participants were able to identify common pests and diseases of groundnuts and sustainable control measures were given to them.
3) They were able to see how the candidate lines are performing in the different trials also planted in the same field.
4) Participants were able to understand the basic concepts of groundnut production (a groundnut production guide is also given to each one of them).
5) Dissemination materials such as brochures for groundnut leafminer, groundnut production guide, aflatoxin fact sheets, benefits of groundnuts, and information about the flagship varieties were given to all the participants who attended the field day events.
6) Participants were able to select preferred varieties based on traits such as growth habits, tolerance to drought, pests, and diseases. The rest could not be considered due to the current stages of growth.

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    Good morning admin am called Ojwok Gabriel Abala a student of Busitema University Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science Arapai Campus pursuing a Diploma in Crop Production and Management (DCP), kindly share with me a detailed manual of groundnut production .
    I will be very grateful, thank you.

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